Adding 10,000 Instagram followers inside a single month

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Publish Date : 2022-07-09 16:04:58
Adding 10,000 Instagram followers inside a single month

When you hit the milestone of 10,000 followers, Instagram becomes a beautiful place.

You also have the amazing advantage of being able to publish links to your Instagram Stories, which is a huge bonus. You now have an excellent opportunity to begin earning money from your Instagram account. How to Monetize Instagram is the title of an article discussing the numerous ways in which Instagram can be used to generate revenue.

Continue doing what you have been doing on Instagram, and you will get more followers. Obviously, if something doesn't appear to be delivering results, you should stop doing it and focus on activities that will have the most impact. At each stage of this guide, you should evaluate your Instagram marketing strategy to verify that you are moving in the correct path.

Now that you have a substantial number of followers, you should explore the many ways you may enlist their aid in advertising your work.

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Tag a friend

You may encourage someone to spread your information by requesting that they tag their friends. This is one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this. This is something you can do for each and every post you publish. It works especially well with emotionally resonant content, like as quotes, funny or uplifting films, animal-related posts, etc. You may write whatever you like in the caption of your post, such as "Tag a friend," "Tag someone who inspires you," "Tag someone who should be doing this," etc.

However, the content must be of extremely good quality. This is the most crucial consideration. Individuals are less likely to tag others in information that does not elicit strong emotions.

Examples of captions with "tag a friend"

Give out awards.

Make an irresistible offer to your followers: a prise! It may be a book, a gadget, a cap, a shirt, an Amazon gift card, one of your products, or something else totally. In light of the fact that I will not go into great detail about this, I have given a link to an article that describes how to organise a contest on Instagram.


By providing incentives, you may encourage your audience to become brand ambassadors.
Make it possible for users to "tag a friend" in their posts.
Hold a contest to increase your audience size.

Everything covered thus far may certainly be utilised to assist you grow your Instagram account and get more followers on the network.

However, before I conclude, I have one more set of recommendations for you: these are the ones that, in my experience, have provided the best results, especially once your follower count exceeded 10,000.

As I've indicated previously, it's amazing to have more than 10,000 Instagram followers. It increases your reputation, and you are no longer simply another random account on the Internet.

Having said that, you should start thinking about establishing a separate voice from Instagram. You should take advantage of the money opportunities that become available after you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, and instead of focusing just on increasing your Instagram account, you should increase your whole online presence.

That objective is undoubtedly attainable, but the path you select to get there is ultimately what matters.

You must begin to view your Instagram account like a company. What problem are you attempting to resolve? What contribution do you provide to the table? What specific advantages do your followers derive from reading your posts?

Once you have determined these factors, seek out locations where your target audience congregates and begin delivering value to them immediately.

Here are some recommendations about what to do:

  • Respond to pertinent YouTube comments
  • Assist users in relevant Reddit subreddits.
  • Answer relevant Quora questions
  • Engage folks in relevant Facebook groups in discussion.
  • Submit content to the proper forums.
  • Create blog content that your audience may be interested in reading.

These are but a few examples of how you may generate traffic to your Instagram profile and get followers. There are several other ways to accomplish both of these objectives. Diversify your revenue streams at all times, urges Warren Buffet; never rely on just one. For what reason, therefore, should you rely solely on the Instagram ranking system to get Instagram followers?

All of this may appear to be a substantial amount of labour at first sight. However, once you get the hang of it, you'll realise it's not all that tough. You may also choose to outsource the majority of these jobs. Before you return to watching the most recent Taylor Swift music video, I'd want to present you with my final suggestion, which is shoutouts.

You are allowed to reach an agreement on a range of shoutout creation strategies. In the tales area, for instance, they may take the shape of standard articles, video postings, or shoutouts.

Shoutout post example

This is an example of a shoutout-containing post.
There is a solid reason why I have not mentioned them yet. In my experience, getting shoutouts when your account is still relatively young may be expensive and yield little advantage.

Even if you and your partner have only 100 followers apiece, you can still engage in a shoutout-for-shoutout (S4S) exchange if you and your partner offer comparable content and are of equal size. To begin promoting other accounts while your own account is still in its early phases of growth is not, in my opinion, the greatest course of action. I have the idea that it is rather off-putting to those that follow you.

If, on the other hand, you have built a close relationship with someone whose content resonates with you, sharing it with your followers will feel more natural to them. This would be a fantastic starting point for joining shoutouts if you do not currently have 10,000 followers.

You can attempt to negotiate a bargain of some sort, but in the majority of instances, you will be expected to make a monetary contribution in return for shoutouts. Consult with the owners of several accounts to determine their respective values. A shoutout from an account with 100,000 followers may cost you around $50. Your content, bio, follower count, followers-to-following ratio, and other variables will determine the amount of new followers you receive as a consequence of a shoutout (see Step 2).


Develop an internet presence outside of Instagram to continuously attract visitors to your account.
Share shoutouts with accounts you cooperate with on Instagram.
In conclusion, this is the approach for getting new Instagram followers! According to statista, Instagram presently has more than one billion active users each month. This is a substantial piece of social proof demonstrating that they have effectively created a platform that a large number of people enjoy.

As a result, Instagram is attracting a rising number of firms, corporations, and freelancers that want to increase their online presence and use Instagram to create more sales. Despite the fact that this makes it more difficult than ever to distinguish oneself from the competition, I'm confident that with the help of this guide and your own creativity, you'll soon be ahead of the pack!

Even though a huge number of marketers are likely to disagree with me on this point, I've recently realised that increasing the amount of material you supply does not necessarily lead to a greater rate of account growth. This is a result of interacting with other Instagram users.

When I initially began doing this, I published at least twice per day, every day. I probably only wrote twice in a week, but I was really active on the site, leaving comments and likes everywhere, reaching out to folks with whom I would like to work in the future, and other similar activities.

What is the outcome?

Although my participation remained essentially stable, I was accumulating more daily followers than ever before.

The moral of the story is that if you have limited time, you shouldn't be as concerned as you typically would about adding new content to your website. You should only publish a few times each week, but each post should be outstanding. Utilize high-quality images and videos and compose lengthy explanations that are both fascinating and instructive!

Set aside a few hours at least once every week to plan and prepare a huge number of Instagram content to be published at predefined times. This will make the process of content creation feel less hectic during a week that is already jam-packed with events. Due to this one easy "secret," I've been able to preserve my sanity better than ever before, and the quality of the content I generate has not deteriorated in the slightest due to the additional demands of my schedule.

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